Secure your data from attacks

Security and mobility


Alarmed by the rapidly growing number of employees using their own mobile devices (BYOD) to access corporate data, companies tend to think they have to choose between security and mobility.

NetNordic helps you embrace the possibilities of mobile computing while simultaneously protecting your network, your business-critical applications and intellectual properties.

  • Optimal client security without compromising on mobility
  • Proactive approach to risk
  • Inbound and outbound security

With NetNordic you don't have to choose between mobility and security. We give you both.

Security and enhanced levels of performance

Providing network access to employees, customers, partners and even casual visitors increases requirements for security measures and put strains on the level of performance.

Because mobile devices are diverse, different vulnerabilities have to be taken into account. NetNordic gives you options for mobile device management (MDM) and enables a proactive approach to risk.

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