Working at NetNordic

Meaningful and fulfilling work

At NetNordic, the HR fuction, strives towards creating meaningful and stimulating positions where the employees themselves are involved in the design of their own work situation and participate in change and development in the workplace. Working conditions must enable a change of pace, cooperation and social contacts with colleagues.


To ensure that we attract the best employees, thus offering our customers the best possible service, training and certifications is something that NetNordic is investing heavily in. Our staff is certified at the highest level to ensure the quality of all our commitments. Our project managers and system engineers continuously participate in workshops and training to acquire knowledge about the newest products and technologies

Attract the best employees

An important ingredient in the realization of NetNordics mission is the ability to attract the best employees in various areas. So far we have succeeded beyond expectations. This gives our clients access to an experienced and competent collaborators, a proactive sounding board that greatly contributes to successful projects with minimized risk. Our combination of solid expertise and leading products have been the key to our success.

When you select NetNordic

When you select NetNordic, you will meet certified consultants with long experience in the industry. You will also find a team of talented, creative and enthusiastic people. By using the latest technology, we can provide significant economic benefits to our customers. Many of our customers have also been able to gain significant competitive advantage thanks to our solutions and services.

Employee cycle

The HR function at NetNordic works with all parts of the “Employee Cycle” starting with the company’s goals and vision. By working from a business driven HR perspective, we believe that we can bring increased value to the company, employees and customers.